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Hospitality construction projects require special attention to detail and often present unique challenges opposed to other types of construction. Hospitality projects typically try to distinguish themselves from the competition by incorporating unique elements into their design and construction. One of our key areas of adapting to our clients needs and creatively determining solutions to the most unique projects.


Health & Wellness projects are centered around building a comforting atmosphere for customers to conduct business. Warm inviting colors and textures often provide an added sense of comfort for such businesses to focus on their clients health and wellness. We’ve worked with various health and wellness providers around Denver to create warm, inviting environment for them to focus on their clients well being.


Retail centers can have a wide variety of functions and purposes. From large warehouses, distributors, and super stores to small boutique shops, each one requires a special understanding of the goals of the retailer. None one project is the same so we develop a relationship with our clients to learn about their unique businesses. We build a project plan to match their goals and achieve the results that every retailer desires: a project that is done on time and on budget. This will help our clients get their facility up and running quicker and maximize the time it takes to start earning profits.


Offices and Tenant Improvement projects require imagination and creativity to turn a blank canvas (or old canvas!) into a brand new productive place of business. Our vast experience allows us to step outside the box and work with building owners and tenants to create a plan that accomodates both parties. We work well under tight budgets and tenant constraints to achieve project goals.


Manufacturing facilities require a close partnership between the building owner and contractor to achieve success. No two manufacturing projects are alike and often challenge the builder to work under detailed specifications to match the vision of the manufacturing company. At HIVE, we understand the the finer details of a project make it a success or failure…and our attention to detail and commitment to succeed is second to none.

Our Process

HIVE Construction uses a homegrown and proprietary process for planning, tracking, and managing even the biggest construction project. We pinpoint how to deliver what your client demands.

Our Vision

Our team all have solid backgrounds in both commercial and residential construction. You get the benefit of experience that’s been acquired year after year, job after job.

 Launch with the right plan in place

 Meet project milestones

 Finish on time and with budget in mind.

Project Planning

We’ll form a project plan that ensures success from start to finish.

Budget & Estimating

We take pride in accurately budgeting and estimating costs on each and every project.

Process Flow

Our proprietary process flow involves seamless transition from one aspect of the job to the next.

Milestone Creation

Creating project milestones for various key points throughout the project ensures our projects stay on track to finish on time.

On-Site Management

Our on-site construction managers have the experience needed to provide each of our clients confidence the job will get done right.

Resource Management

We only work with verified top-notch subcontractors who have the experience and background to finish the job right.

Compliance Consulting

We work with our clients to make sure we meet the latest building code and compliance standards.

Paperwork Reduction

We strive to reduce the amount of paperwork to save time and reduce the amount of paper waste. We use digital documents whenever possible. 

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